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Chichester Granite is here to help you choose your perfect kitchen worktop in the Brighton area.

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Quality kitchen worktops, designed in the Chichester and Brighton area.

We are a family run business based in West Sussex. Chichester Granite are experts in designing, manufacturing and installing granite and quartz worktops. Our range of materials are carefully selected and are bespoke for every client. Our highly skilled stonemasons and worktop fabricators in Brighton are here to accommodate all your requirements.

Chichester Granite has over 25 years experience in working with granite and quartz worktops. We can give advice and guidance on which stones for kitchen worktops are best suited for your needs.

Chichester Granite is here to help you to choose your prevered kitchen worktop in the Brighton area.

Worktops are designed for fullfilling your desired look and feel. Get yours from Chichester Granite if you live in Brighton.

Chichester Granite is here for all your needs for kitchen worktops in Brighton. Quality kitchen worktops are highly desired and give you the look you expect. Our worktops are high quality and will look stunning in your kitchen.

Working from home from our kitchen and want to have a slick looking stone worktop? We will provide you with the right stone and colour to fit your needs.

Contact Chichester Granite today where one of our team will be more than happy to assist you with any questions you may have about our stones and services. We are always happy to supply you with rough estimates all the way through to exact quotes for your worktops.

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Why use a stone worktop in your kitchen?

Quartz Worktops

 Quartz is an engineered stone and the manufacturing process allows a much wider range of colours than you will find in natural stones such as granite or marble. The appearance of the finished engineered stone is rich and luxurious. Quartz is made up of 93% natural quartz and 7% resin, pigments and fillers.With natural stone worktops you can update your kitchen in Brighton with timeless style. The finish has a depth that cannot be produced with other solid surface materials. Quartz is one of the most durable stones in the world and is extremely low maintenance. It is heat and stain resistant. These qualities make it a popular choice for modern kitchens and floors and it can give any room a modern, sleek and smooth finish.

Quartz Worktop Durability

Quartz worktops are in fact so tough that there are only 3 other natural minerals can scratch into the quartz (Diamond, Topaz & Sapphire).
With around twice as much impact resistance when comparing to Granite Worktops it’s also four times as flexible too. As well as being durable, quartz kitchen worktops are simple when it comes to cleaning, using just a small amount of soap and warm water with a quality cloth. Thats why we like to provide our worktops for the Crawley area for kitchens and lots more.

Granite Worktops

Granite is a natural beautiful stone that has a range of patterns and colours depending on the mineralogy it has. Each slab of Chichester Granites granite is totally unique even when cut from the same rock. As Granite is a natural materiel its formed underground so although types of granite worktops share similar patterns no one slab is the same as the next. With natural stone worktops you can update your kitchen in Brighton with timeless style.

A granite kitchen worktop made by Chichester Grantie adds a touch of luxury to any room in the home, whether it will be a kitchen worktop or bathroom worktop.

Granite Worktop Durability

Granite Worktops can be more durable than a lot of other worktop materiel choices, so it performs well under regular wear and tear. It’s such a hard stone that Granite Worktops can resist scratches so good that you are more likely to damage your knifes instead of your worktops!

Another great feature that Granite Kitchen Worktops have is that they are incredibly resistant to heat. This means that granite is perfect for near a hob or around a large range cooker. There’s no need to worry about where you can place your hot pans like with other worktops, Granite Kitchen Worktops do not get damaged or weakened by any exposure to heat. This means you get a much more convenient approach when cooking at home. Thats why we like to provide our worktops for the Brighton area for kitchens and lots more.

Brighton kitchen worktops - White quartz worktop with island
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