Memorial Headstones


Most modern memorials are made from granite. Granite is extremely hard wearing and polishes to a beautiful finish. It is available in many different colours and lends itself perfectly to very intricate lettering and finely etched design work.

How many words can I fit on?

This depends greatly on the style of memorial you have chosen. We have a minimum size of lettering which we adhere to but all our designs allow enough room for names, dates and a short verse at the minimum. If you have a lot of text you wish to add to a small/cremation memorial then we would advise you avoid heart-shaped headstones and large sandblasted designs. Adding a freestanding block vase to your memorial can be a handy way of adding more inscription space.


The letters for your inscription can be simply cut into the stone and left plain or they can be painted black, white, silver or gold They are all equally resilient to the weather but conditions will vary from location to location so the colour chosen should be