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Chichester Granite supplies a wide range of colours and styles.
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Granite Kitchen Worktops

Granite is a natural beautiful stone that has a range of patterns and colours depending on the mineralogy it has. Each slab of Chichester Granites granite is totally unique even when cut from the same rock. As Granite is a natural materiel its formed underground so although types of granite worktops share similar patterns no one slab is the same as the next.

A granite kitchen worktop made by Chichester Grantie adds a touch of luxury to any room in the home, whether it be a kitchen worktop or bathroom worktop.

Need a worktop for your kitchen, outside space, bbq area or window sill?

Take your granite kitchen worktops or quartz kitchen worktop design to the next level by choosing an elegant materiel that creates a timeless individual look in your kitchen worktop.
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Granite Worktop Durability

Granite Worktops can be more durable than a lot of other worktop materiel choices, so it performs well under regular wear and tear. It’s such a hard stone that Granite Worktops can resist scratches so good that you are more likely to damage your knifes instead of your worktops!

Another great feature that Granite Kitchen Worktops have is that they are incredibly resistant to heat. This means that granite is perfect for near a hob or around a large range cooker. There’s no need to worry about where you can place your hot pans like with other worktops, Granite Kitchen Worktops do not get damaged or weakened by any exposure to heat. This means you get a much more convenient approach when cooking at home.

People often ask about Granite Kitchen Worktops and if its possible for them to stain, if granite is properly sealed then it won’t absorb any liquid into it to stain. This makes it ideal for Kitchen spaces

All our Granite Kitchen Worktops are polished before installation which means from day one you have a worktop that is simple to clean and hygienic. A surface sealant is already applied at the manufacturing stage which acts as an impenetrable barrier against any germs or bacteria to keep your new kitchen worktops germ free.

Granite kitchen worktops

Although it can cost a little more, a Granite Worktop adds more value as each year goes by. With granite being such a durable materiel, it is far more likely to outlast other worktop choices. Granite Worktops are one of the most luxurious features in any kitchen and are practical too!
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chichester granite - granite kitchen worktop durability - granite kitchen worktop durability

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If you need a quartz worktop please send us a quote and we will arrange an appointent with you in our workshop. We are specialising in bespoke quartz kitchen worktops. Every quartz kitchen worktop is unique and made to measure.