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We offer an amazing range of fantastic products including:

  • kitchen worktops

  • memorial headstones


Marble kitchen Worktops

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Kitchen Worktops


Memorial Headstones

About Chichester Granite

For over 20 years, Sussex based stonemason company Chichester Granite, has provided a high end specialist stone masonry service using Granite, Marble, Slate and Quartz to custom designing, fabricating and installing a wide range of quartz and granite work surfaces like kitchen worktops, and memorial headstones for the Chichester area, London and the Home Counties region.


We also design:

  • House Number Plaques
  • Pet Memorial Plaques
  • Loud-Speaker Plinth
  • other customised items

We use Granite, Marble, Quartz or Slate.

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What Chichester Granite has to offer

Black Mirror Quartz Worktop Island

Kitchen Worktops

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Chichester Granite - materials we use for or kitchen worktops and headstone memorials

Chichester Granite Materials

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Memorial Headstone with plinth for vases, candle holder

Memorial Stones

Want to find out more about our memorial stones?

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Staircase with steps made out of Blue pearl granite

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to your new kitchen – plan your kitchen with Chichester Granite. Trust our expertise!


We also offer

all sorts of small to meduim size stone plaques, from coasters to cheese boards. Just ask!


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